5 Simple Ways To WOW! Your Sales Prospects

Written byGerald Vanderpuye

February 9, 2017

A WOW moment is an experience that leaves a lasting impression. One of the most useful yet under-utilised tools for differentiating your sales is delivering moments of wow for your buyers.

This is something we’re trying to get right at BuyerDeck. One thing I’ve learnt is that you don’t need a huge budget to create WOW moments. There are simple no or low cost things that you can do that will make buyers sit up and take notice, the trick is to use them consistently as part of your sales process.

We’ve created a WOW moment you can experience now! Just sign up here.

Here are five possible wow moments (positive, of course) you can deploy to beat your competition.

1. Reduce your lead response time to 5mins! I have often written about how ‘responsiveness’ is the ultimate sales virtue. According to the Harvard Business Review, only 37% of leads are responded to within 1 hour. Other studies have shown companies that respond to leads within 5 mins use the element of surprise, create a WOW moment resulting in a 9X chance of closing the opportunity.

2. Assign a virtual team to every opportunity! When managing complex sales deals, teams win deals not sales reps. The sales rep with the best team to support him during the sales and buying experience has the best chance of winning the deal. The team is usually made up of Technical, Product experts, Legal, Executive champions, Bid managers, etc. Identify your virtual team early on in managing the opportunity and send your buyer an email outlining who is in your team.

Outlining your virtual team early on can be such a powerful WOW moment I often find my customers thanking me and responding to the email describing who is on their team.

3. Turn away business!! Now I know this might seem counterintuitive; however all the best sales people qualify out quicker than a no-win-no-fee lawyer. Unlike the lawyer, once it’s clear the prospect does not need their product or service the best salespeople will try and help by making useful intros to another company (maybe even a competitor) or colleagues that can help.

It’s never cool to pushing your product or forcing the sale when it’s clear there’s no need.

“It looks like you do not need our product Jim can I connect you to the guys XYZ Ltd who I think would be able to help.”

This moment of honesty can be so powerful it can often create a memorable moment that leaves a lasting experience. Every time I have turned away business and helped, I either build a lasting relationship, get referrals, and at times even win the business months later when the need becomes real.

4. Build a custom buyer portal for every customer and every opportunity. There is nothing that says your customer is more important to you than creating a dedicated landing page for your buyer. This landing pages can house everything they need behind a single link. All the technical information, proposal, product information, timeline for solving their problem, etc.

You can see what this could look like here.

5. Identify the key deals (great fit) and roll out the red carpet. Three businessmen were pitching a king for a multi-million-pound investment to buy a high-end luxury retail department store in London. The king had turned the first two businessmen down because he didn’t believe they could market products to the Super Rich. The third entrepreneur knowing the king was his best chance at getting the investment did his homework. He called the king’s palace with many questions including asking if the king owned a helipad. The king, a little bemused, encourages his staff to answer any questions he may have.

Armed with all his answers, the third entrepreneur spends his last $25,000 and arrives at his meeting with the king 30minutes early in a Eurocopter helicopter. He lands on the south facing end of the palace garden for the king to see, wearing the sharpest suit and clutching three extravagant gifts for the king’s daughters.

Allegedly this is how Mohammed Al-Fayed was able to launch the world’s famous luxury department store – Harrods. It was important for Al-Fayed to leave a powerful first impression that demonstrated to the King he had done his homework and knew how to sell to the wealthy.

As sales people, we are simply too busy to roll out the red carpet for every prospect however once it is evident who the key prospects are we can go all out and wow them with red carpet treatments.

Red carpets don’t have to involve helicopters. If you’re in B2B tech sales it’s unlikely you’ll be selling to kings! However, there are red carpet WOW moments you can create for your buyers that will resonate with them just as strongly. If anyone wants to wow me with a helicopter ride — message me now!

If you would like to find out more about how BuyerDeck can help you create WOW moments — helping you to respond to interactions with buyers quickly, aligning your virtual team with your buyers requirements, enabling you to learn more about your buyers needs, and providing opportunities to roll out the red carpet— click here to sign up for our red carpet treatment.

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